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Crussis One Scooter

Crussis One Scooter

Now available for 2021 – The Crussis One Scooter! Weighing only 16.83lbs or 7.6kg, this is the lightest scooter with a wheel ratio of 26”/20" on the market. The low weight, hardness of frame and precise handling of the scooter were key in designing this type of scooter.


We achieved low weight by using a rigid lightweight aluminium frame with a very specific and innovative design. The rear fork forms one unit with a step, eliminating the typical fatigue fractures that could occur where the rear fork meet the footboard. With the two longitudinal presses of the footboard, an optimal foot grip is ensured when using proper footwear. The natural grip of the smooth footboard allows for comfortable switching of the feet. If extra traction is needed you can apply the included grip tape, which may be helpful depending on footwear or weather conditions.


The rigid scooter frame guarantees excellent transmission of energy to the straight direction of travel, while the wheelbase (1146 mm) ensures stability and great riding characteristics of the scooter.


The rear wheel can be clamped in two positions, which can regulate the ground clearance of the scooter for the terrain you are going to ride. When riding on smooth surfaces, it is ideal to choose a lower ground clearance 45mm to reduce leg fatigue and squat depth. For rough or uneven terrain, utilize the higher mount increasing clearance to 65mm.


The 26" front and 20" rear wheels are paired with the light and fast Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires. These great trekking tires with inflation up to 6 bar have extremely low rolling resistance and excellent traction, ensured by a sporty blend of natural SpeedGrip rubber, while having more protection against damage with a double layer of Raceguard nylon fabric. The tires are suitable on the road as well as in light terrain, dirt or forest paths. A reflective strip around the entire circumference of the tire contributes to increasing rider safety in low light visibility.


The One is equipped with Tektro V-brakes with high braking performance and an integrated bell on the left brake lever, along with comfortable silicone grips to guarantee safety and comfort while riding.


Two water bottle cage mounts on the frame are a special new feature to double water capacity. Mudguards, lighting, bottles, storage bags and other accessories can be added to the scooter. For those outdoor adventure seekers, you can use the mounting points for pannier racks to store camping or bikepacking equipment.


And what would it be if it wasn't equipped with a kickstand? Ours was developed in the Czech Republic specifically for Crussis aluminum scooters. Its patented mechanism makes it easy and intuitive to operate with your feet.



The new aluminium frame of the One scooter with a specific and innovative design has been developed with the utmost emphasis on scooter functionality. The conical shape of the head tube together with the optimally shaped triangular neck profile increases the strength of the frame. The uniquely designed footboard consists of a single unit with a rear fork; everything is made of one piece with a bent profile. It is not only a distinctive design element, but above all a design solution eliminating typical fatigue fractures in scooters in places of usual connection of the rear fork to the footboard.


By moving the footboard as close as possible to the rear wheel, we have shortened the rear fork to increase the strength of the frame while maintaining a subtle appearance. The result is greater frame malleability, contributing to better filtration of smaller bumps and elimination of annoying rear wheel bounces in corners. This solution further enabled the continuous width of the 102mm to be retained along its entire length, including the rear fork, which, together with the 65mm narrow rear hub, minimizes the hated kick to the ankles when bouncing.


For maximum strength and stiffness of the scooter, we reinforced the neck joint of the scooter and the footrests with a triangular strut at the back increasing the support area of the neck. This increases the tensile strength at the front of the joint while protecting the most exposed area of the neck profile from damage. The raised tip of the step ensures optimal passage of the scooter through the terrain, preventing impact of the step into an obstacle (off-road waves, curb, etc.) and possible fall or injury.


There's nothing to wait for. Crussis One is ready for great trips and adventures. Step on it!

  • Technical Specs



    CRUSSIS Aluminum 6061, crafted in the Czech Republic


    CRUSSIS Aluminum Stem


    CRUSSIS Aluminum Fork


    Threadless 1 1/8”


    CRUSSIS Aluminum MTB 24.4” / 620mm


    CRUSSIS silicone grips


    CRUSSIS high-performance alloy, double wall — front 26” / rear 20“


    SCHWALBE Marathon Racer Performance w/ double-layer Raceguard 26”x1.5” / 20”x1.5”

    Inner tube


    Valve type



    TEKTRO V-Brake

    Brake levers

    TEKTRO with integrated bell


    CRUSSIS sealed industrial bearings 100/65 mm, 24D


    16.83 lbs / 7.635 kg

    Load capacity

    265 lbs / 120 kg (Including luggage, extra equipment, etc.)

    Rider height

    4’11” (59”) to 6’6” (79”) Wider range with adjustable stem and/or stem raiser

    Handlebar height



    24.4” / 620mm


    67.2” / 1707mm

    Footboard length

    16.65” / 423mm

    Ground clearance

    1.8” or 2.56” / 45mm or 65mm

    Footboard height



    45.12” / 1146mm


    35”-36.6” / 890-930mm

    Tire Pressure

    6 bar

  • 2 year parts, 5 year frame warranty


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