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OctaSUP Paddleboards


OctaSUP Paddleboards are touring shaped double-chamber inflatable SUPs created to take your water adventures to the next level! With the performance shaped design, rigid double-chamber, unique wood finish and vibrant visuals… OctaSUPs will maximize performance and enjoyment of any paddlers aquatic endeavors!

The double-chamber design is the next generation of performance inflatable SUPs. The inner and outer chambers create an I-beam of extra strength and support beneath the paddler. This strengthens the board, helping it feel more like a hard board while increasing performance, stability, safety and weight capacity.

With the sleek touring shape, rigid double-chamber, sharp nose with mild rocker and 9" fin, OctaSUPs excel in speed and straight tracking while gliding smoothly though the water. From the novice paddler to the water adventure explorer, these boards are fun, fast and will take your paddle session to the max! Even in rough waters or changing weather conditions, these SUPs perform with the sharp nose slicing right through, requiring less effort to keep you travelling towards your destination.

OctaSUP began as a goal to create unique and awesome performance inflatable SUPs with a combination of the best paddleboard attributes and a fresh nature inspired design. We developed a sleek and beautiful touring SUP with rigid double-chambers and design features that maximize performance. Utilizing the latest in SUP technology, our boards are built with double-chambers and double-layer fusion, V drop-stitch fiber core, double-wall construction, additional side rail edge layers, UV protected design, front and rear bungee storage, rear step platform and a sharp aggressive nose shape. OctaSUP is manufactured with state of the art machinery and hand-finished by a skilled team, producing the highest quality military grade inflatable SUPs, kayaks, rafts and boats.

OctaSUP is a family operated business providing boards direct from the source, eliminating the typical competition of sales reps and large company costs, and to minimize customer pricing on high quality performance iSUPs.


Each OctaSUP comes with a travel backpack, fiberglass shaft adjustable paddle, HP6 triple-action pump, 9" touring fin, ankle leash and repair kit.

Backpack your way to new waters, pump it up and OctaSUP!

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What’SUP with the Octopus?

The octopus was chosen for the theme on these awesome boards for their remarkable uniqueness, and being a favorite aquatic creature. Perhaps the strangest and most mysterious of all water animals… they have 3 hearts, 9 brains and blue blood coursing through their boneless bodies! They are highly intelligent as well as being masters of camouflage and adaption.  With our OctaSUP paddleboards designed to push the limits of your adventuring and aquatic exploration, the octopus is a perfect symbol of our love for life in and on the water. We hope you enjoy creating unique memories and experiences while adapting to different waterways… just like the mighty octopus.

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