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OctaSUP 12'6

OctaSUP 12'6

The OctaSUP 12'6 is a high-quality and beautifully designed inflatable SUP featuring double-chamber technology and a touring/race style shape. From the aquatic adventure seeker to the fitness endurance paddler, this board speedily glides along taking your water exploration to the next level!


The double-chamber design strengthens the board, helping it feel rigid like a hard board while increasing performance, stability, safety and weight capacity. With the combination of the touring shape, mild rocker, sharp v-nose and 9” fin, this SUP excels in straight tracking, speed and maximum glide as you explore waterways.


The OctaSUP 12'6 features double-chambers, touring shape with sharp nose design, rear step platform, front and rear bungee storage along with center and rear soft carry handles, both equipped with D-ring to attach the safety leash.


Each OctaSUP comes with a travel backpack, fiberglass shaft adjustable paddle, HP6 triple-action pump, 9" touring fin, 10' coil leash and repair kit!


Backpack your way to new waters, pump it up and OctaSUP!



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  • Tech Specs

    Size 12'6x30"x6"
    Volume 325L
    Max Load 330lbs
    Board Weight  
    Loaded Backpack  
    Fin Length 9"
    Inner Chamber psi 12psi
    Outer Chamber psi 15psi
    Footpad Thickness 4.5mm


  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

    2 year limited manufacturer's warranty on our OctaSUP inflatable paddleboards from the date of purchase, for the original owner. This excludes stand up paddle boarding accessories (i.e. paddle and pump). The 2 year warranty covers any abnormal defect in workmanship or materials that occurs within the warranty period. This does not include normal wear and tear or any issues that arise due to negligence or abnormal use. Negligence may include, but is not limited to, damage due to prolonged sun exposure, damage or breakage due to occurrences outside of our control, damage due to improper inflation (say you use an high-pressure air compressor to rapidly inflate your inflatable paddle board, which can cause damage), or damage due to salt water corrosion.

    This warranty does not cover:  Normal wear and tear and discoloration from evironmental exposure, damage caused by abuse or failure to perform normal maintenance, damage caused by hitting submerged objects, beaching, or dropping, damage caused by mooring or storing board in water, damage caused by alterations or modifications, any board used for rental or commercial service, any other consequential damage, incidental damages or incidental expenses, including damage to property.

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