Crussis Urban Scooter

Crussis Urban Scooter

The URBAN line of CRUSSIS footbikes is dedicated to hobby or sport enthusiast footbikers. The short wheelbase guarantees excellent footbike ride-ability and handling. This footbike is fast and can be perfectly controlled even at high speeds. This line has a playful design that perfectly reflects what CRUSSIS footbikes are all about – the joy of riding.


CRUSSIS URBAN footbikes are perhaps the most versatile models available anywhere. These all purpose beauties are perfect for short trips around town, a gentle, “rolling stroll” with friends, or vigorous aerobic exercise. They handle superbly on the street and the bike path, and are even suitable for a bit of gentle off-pavement riding.


The generous wheelbase length of our URBAN footbikes helps make them extremely stable and they handle confidently at all speeds. At the same time, the URBAN is a very maneuverable machine and the patented CRUSSIS design allows for a longer footboard than many footbikes, making foot changes much easier and permitting comfortable positioning for both feet when coasting or riding downhill. In designing and manufacturing the URBAN, we have emphasized frame stiffness, with reinforcement at highly-stressed points. The result is that the kicking energy of the rider is concentrated in generating forward motion of the footbike, rather than being absorbed by a flexing frame.


The URBAN experience embodies the essence of CRUSSIS footbikes: Enjoy the Motion!

  • Tech Specs

    Frame CRUSSIS “Real Steel” with color-coordinated powder coat on footboard, crafted in the Czech Republic
    Stem CRUSSIS aluminum alloy
    Fork CRUSSIS “Real Steel”
    Headset Threadless 1 1/8”
    Handlebars CRUSSIS mountain bike style, aluminum alloy
    Grips CRUSSIS ergonomic, screw-clamp adjustable
    Rims CRUSSIS high-performance alloy, double wall with color-matched powder coat — front 26“, rear 20“
    Tires Schwalbe Big Apple with reflective sidewall
    Inner tube SCHWALBE
    Valve type Schrader
    Brakes TEKTRO linear pull
    Brake levers TEKTRO with integrated bell
    Hubs CRUSSIS sealed bearings
    Weight 22.2 lbs
    Load capacity 265 lbs (Including luggage, extra equipment, etc.)
    Rider height 4’11” (59”) to 6’6” (79”) Wider range with adjustable stem and/or stem raiser
    Handlebar height Adjustable
    Width 24.4 in
    Length 68.9 in
    Footboard length 18.9 in
    Ground clearance 1.97 in
    Wheelbase 46 in
  • 2 year parts, 5 year frame warranty