Crussis Cross Scooter

Crussis Cross Scooter

Our CROSS line is the sporty category designed for trail riding, cross-country and long downhill rides. The frame is tough, the handling impeccably accurate, and the footbike is designed to perfectly distribute the power of your kicks. This one is here to excite!


As the name suggests, the CRUSSIS CROSS model footbikes are especially designed for off-road and trail riding on rougher terrain and for long (and thrilling!) downhills. The CROSS is equipped with powerful TEKTRO Auriga hydraulic disc brakes that maintain stopping power even during long, hard braking.


Because you’ll want to ride this footbike on trails with bumps, ruts and generally rough surfaces, we’ve provided a ZOOM suspension fork to absorb the shocks and jolts, so your body won’t have to, and to improve handling and control. Because you may also sometimes ride on gentler surfaces, the fork has a crown lockout, so that your kicking energy will more efficiently drive you in the direction you want to travel.


The rugged CRUSSIS “REAL STEEL” frame of the CROSS model is solidly reinforced at stress points, to ensure that it will be able to withstand the “rough stuff” on your trails. The resulting rigidity makes for precise handling and efficient transmission of kicking energy. Like all CRUSSIS footbikes, the CROSS is easily adapted to fit riders of various sizes.


Get your CRUSSIS CROSS, head for the hills and enjoy an epic ride!

  • Technical Specs

    Frame CRUSSIS “Real Steel” with color-coordinated powder coat on footboard, crafted in the Czech Republic
    Stem CRUSSIS aluminum alloy
    Fork ZOOM MLO, lockable from the crown
    Headset Threadless 1 1/8”
    Handlebars CRUSSIS mountain bike style, aluminum alloy
    Grips CRUSSIS ergonomic, screw-clamp adjustable
    Rims CRUSSIS high-performance alloy, double wall with color-matched powder coat — front 26“, rear 20“
    Tires SCHWALBE Tough Tom/Jumpin´ Jack
    Inner tube SCHWALBE
    Valve type Schrader
    Brakes TEKTRO Auriga hydraulic disc
    Brake levers TEKTRO
    Hubs CRUSSIS DISC, sealed bearings
    Weight 26.6 lbs
    Load capacity 265 lbs (Including luggage, extra equipment, etc.)
    Rider height 5’3” (63”) to 6’6” (79”) Wider range with adjustable stem and/or stem raiser
    Handlebar height Adjustable
    Width 24.4 in
    Length 68.9 in
    Footboard length 18.9 in
    Ground clearance 4.3/2.4 in
    Footboard height 5.7/3.7 in
    Wheelbase 47.2 in
  • 2 year parts, 5 year frame warranty