Crussis Active Scooter

Crussis Active Scooter

ACTIVE line footbikes are perfect for the town or city, bike paths and light terrain. They have outstanding ride-ability and stability, even at higher speeds. We recommend the ACTIVE line to active individuals or families with children who are just beginning to kick or have experience with footbiking already.


CRUSSIS ACTIVE models are our most affordable footbikes, but we don’t cut any corners designing or building them. The ACTIVE models have 20″ front and 16″ rear wheels equipped with durable and low rolling-resistance tires by the long-established German manufacturer, Schwalbe. As with our larger footbikes, we equip ACTIVES with a sturdy and reliable braking system consisting of TEKTRO components. We route the brake cabling inside the frame, to keep it protected and out of the rider’s way. The handlebars and stem are made to our specifications and carry our CRUSSIS brand. This footbike is especially appropriate for younger and smaller riders, but it is readily adapted to fit users of larger stature. In our home city, Prague, you might just see a tall executive riding his ACTIVE to the office, wearing a business suit!

ACTIVE model footbikes are especially appropriate for families. With the kids and, perhaps, smaller adults on ACTIVES and other members on larger CRUSSIS bikes, the whole family can roll along together. These footbikes are suitable for city streets, bike lanes and bike paths, and for gentle off-pavement riding. With a longer wheelbase than our competitors’ products, excellent handling and stability at high speeds are important features of our elegantly-designed footbikes. The innovative design of the ACTIVE allows for a longer footboard than competing models, which makes foot changes and cruising while standing on both feet much more comfortable than on other footbikes.

The design of the ACTIVE footbikes is playful and it comes in bright and unique color combinations. These footbikes are especially recommended to families with children, with or without scooter experience. You get Czech quality, elegant design, and an affordable price.

  • Tech Specs

    Frame CRUSSIS “Real Steel” with color-coordinated powder coat on footboard, crafted in the Czech Republic
    Stem CRUSSIS aluminum alloy
    Fork CRUSSIS “Real Steel”
    Headset Threadless 1 1/8”
    Handlebars CRUSSIS BMX style aluminum alloy
    Grips CRUSSIS ergonomic, screw-clamp adjustable
    Rims CRUSSIS high-performance alloy, double wall with color-matched powder coat — front 20“, rear 16“
    Tires Schwalbe Big Apple with reflective sidewall
    Inner tube SCHWALBE
    Valve type Schrader
    Brakes TEKTRO linear pull
    Brake levers TEKTRO with integrated bell
    Hubs CRUSSIS sealed bearings
    Weight 20 lbs
    Load capacity 265 lbs (Including luggage, extra equipment, etc.)
    Rider height 4’5” (53”) to 5’10” (71”) Wider range with flat handlebars, adjustable stem and/or stem raiser
    Handlebar height Adjustable
    Width 24.4 in
    Length 60.2 in
    Footboard length 18.9 in
    Ground clearance 1.97 in
    Wheelbase 42.1 in
  • 2 year parts, 5 year frame warranty