“Smooth, Fluid Motion” is the expression that best describes the experience of riding a CRUSSIS footbike.

It’s not just for exercise, or only for recreation—IT’s a LIFESTYLE.

You can ride your CRUSSIS almost anywhere you can imagine…You can use it as easily for shopping as you could for intensive physical training…You can ride alone, with the family, or with a group of friends…You can ride off on a big holiday adventure or just ride to the park with the kids.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

To make riding CRUSSIS Footbikes as easy, safe and comfortable as possible, we only use brand name components of worldwide manufacturers such as SHIMANO, TEKTRO, SR SUNTOUR, SCHWALBE, MITAS and others that guarantee high quality and long, reliable service.
CRUSSIS frames are designed and manufactured to meet rigid specifications and close tolerances and we choose only high-quality components that will provide you with long service and safe, efficient operation. Every Footbike is assembled and inspected at our facility in the Czech Republic before being partially disassembled and securely packed in a heavy-duty carton for shipping. When it arrives at its destination, final assembly is quick and simple for the customer or for a local bike mechanic.

CRUSSIS footbikes are designed both for beginners and for the most demanding advanced users. Our innovative frame design combines a shorter wheelbase for nimble handling with advanced geometry to aid control at higher speeds. Riders will also appreciate our longer footboards, which make foot changes and downhill positioning much more comfortable and efficient. Also important is the CRUSSIS combination of light weight and frame rigidity, achieved by providing special reinforcement at the most highly-stressed points of the frame. Cabling is routed inside the frame and under the footboard, to keep it safe and out of the way.

Most bicycle and footbike frames, today, are manufactured in huge factories in Asia. CRUSSIS footbike frames are proudly manufactured by European craftsmen and craftswomen in the Czech Republic. They benefit from our special expertise and from our experience in building bicycles and electric bikes. We are proud of them and we are confident you will be proud to own and ride them.
At CRUSSIS, we pay close attention to everything from the earliest design concept to the last detail of footbike finish. One of our most distinctive features is that our bikes come in bright, coordinated and head-turning color schemes. When you ride a CRUSSIS footbike, you don’t only get a great ride, you get a great look, as well!
From the beginning of our design process through every stage of production and up to the last staple in the shipping box, we work to ensure that every CRUSSIS model is unique and perfectly suited for its intended use and that every single footbike we make is as perfect and as reliable as we can make it.

We employ unique solutions and inventions on our CRUSSIS footbikes to make them the very best they can be. From the overall design to special technical details of the frame and footboard, these special features are patented and protected throughout Europe and the USA.

CRUSSIS is a team of footbiking enthusiasts who manufacture Footbikes that bring our customers excitement as well as satisfaction!
We manufacture our sport footbikes with the highest level of ride-ability. CRUSSIS Footbikes are precisely manufactured and equipped with components of the highest quality, for short trips or day-long rides, as well as long-distance rides undertaken by seasoned footbikers.

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